• Income Tax Program

United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario (UWCNEO), in partnership with Canada Revenue Agency, is offering a virtual Community Volunteer Income Tax Program this year. Our trained volunteers will assist low-income earners file their income tax returns over the telephone.

Qualifying individuals can register online to have their income tax returns filed at no charge. Individuals unable to register online may call the United Way office at 705-560-3330 ext. 210 and leave a message. One of our volunteers will return your call as soon as possible. 

Please note, wait times may be lengthy due to high number of participants. All clients will be contacted in sequence to have their taxes completed over the telephone.


Preparing For Your Virtual Appointment

In preparation for the call with our volunteer, we ask that you gather all your tax documents as you would if you were having your taxes filed in person. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website to to learn more.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation. Clients must not be self-employed, not have sold a property in the past year, not own foreign property worth over CAD $100k, and not own rental properties. Income thresholds are as follows:


Family Size/Total Family Income

1 person  ... $35,000 or less
2 persons ... $45,000 or less

3 persons ... $47,500 or less
4 persons ... $50,000 or less
5 persons ... $52,500 or less

For more information about the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and to register, please email info@uwcneo.com or call (705) 560-3330 ext. 210