Common questions about United Way North East Ontario.


UWCNEO works locally to improve lives and create opportunities that help build brighter futures. We believe that for our community to truly thrive, we need to look beyond single issues and temporary fixes. That means targeting our work and resources to three key priority areas; moving people from poverty to possibility, building strong communities, and helping kids be all they can be.

When you invest in your community through United Way, your donation is put to work where it’s needed most. One of our strengths is bringing people together – labour, business, government, education, finance, social service agencies and volunteers to address complex issues that affect our entire community. When you donate to United Way, you are supporting a network of social service programs that are helping to change lives.

UWCNEO serves the Districts of Sudbury, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Cochrane and Timiskaming.

As part of our stewardship of donor dollars, UWCNEO has a rigorous process in place to ensure the best and most effective investment of resources. Staff and experienced volunteers from various professional sectors review applications, meet with agency representatives and provide recommendations to our Board of Directors based on community need, research and funding criteria.

United Way is non-partisan and non-religious. While some of the organizations we fund have religious origins, like the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), the services and programs offered by these organizations are open to all individuals regardless of religious affiliation.

Yes, in certain circumstances, funding may be discontinued. Some examples include governance issues, the absence of outcome measurement tracking or, the program no longer requires United Way funding due to other funding sources, such as government grants. Before funding is discontinued, UWCNEO works closely with partners to explore options that may help remedy performance or accountability issues, implement efficiency building strategies or provide necessary support and guidance.

We value the trust of our donors and are committed to investing your donation with transparency, accountability, and where it will have the greatest impact. The support of hundreds of volunteers, generous sponsors, and services that are donated in-kind are key contributing factors that help to ensure as much of your donation as possible is invested in the delivery of local and regional programs and services. UWCNEO’s three-year fundraising costs average approximately 19.5%.

Audited financial statements for UWCNEO are available in the Plans & Reports section of our website or by contacting our office (705) 560-3330.


In the digital age, there is an abundance of false and misleading information being circulated and shared as facts. UWCNEO encourages all donors and potential donors to research their favourite charities (United Way included) before donating. Every Canadian Registered Charity is required to file a T3010 with the Government of Canada. By visiting this website, you can view revenue, expenses, and compensation ranges for all employees. UWCNEO also makes our annual audited financial statements available on our website.

UWCNEO is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The information you provide us will be used to assist in the proper administration and acknowledgment of your gift, to issue tax receipts and to fulfill your information requests. We do not sell donor information, nor do we share donor information with other agencies.

Donor choice is a service United Way offers to its donors that allows them to direct their gift to any registered charity in Canada. Our work is about making a measurable difference by focusing on our community priorities. The time and resources devoted to processing donor choice designations are costly and the $16 processing fee offsets the administration cost.

All tax receipts for cash, cheque or credit card donations will be issued by February 28. In order to issue you a tax receipt your full home mailing address is required. Payroll donations do not receive a tax receipt; rather donations will appear on your annual T4.

There are several ways to get involved. Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a United Way workplace campaign. Our team can help develop and support a campaign to fit your goals, engage your team, and make a lasting difference in our community.
  • Volunteer your time. Contact us today to learn about current opportunities.
  • Make a personal donation.


We understand COVID-19 has impacted the delivery of service for many organizations in our community. There is an increased demand for items that help meet basic needs (food, hygiene products, and other resources) essential to helping the most vulnerable stay healthy. We are working closely with the social service sector to ensure that available funding is directed to where it is needed most.

Registered Charities, delivering local programs are invited to submit a letter of interest informing us of your program, financial request, and how the dollars will help individuals affected by COVID-19.

Letters of interest from charities operating in the District of Sudbury and Manitoulin can be sent to Linda Dupuis, Governance and Partnership Manager: l.dupuis@uwcneo.com

For charities operating in Timmins, and in the Districts of Cochrane, Parry Sound Nipissing and Timiskaming, requests can be sent to Jennifer Gorman, Regional Manager: j.gorman@uwcneo.com



We’re happy to help, please contact us for more information.