Daniel can stay warm thanks to United Way's Keeping Seniors Warm

When Daniel was recovering in the hospital, a kind neighbour signed him up for United Way's Keeping Seniors Warm program. For the first time in years, Daniel received new clothes:

"I was excited to come and shop! I got jogging pants, mitts, a pair of winter boots, and underwear. My life's been very difficult, so I am grateful to be alive and be eligible for these programs. Thank you!" he said.

Through this program, Daniel received not only essential items but also a confidence boost and a sense of security, connection, and care.

Stories like Daniel's show the profound impact of your contribution. Many seniors are at risk of isolation, which can lead to serious health issues. With your help, we can ensure they receive the care they need, whether it’s hot, healthy meals, essential winter clothing, or engaging activities to support their well-being.

Watch the video to hear Daniel's story!